Sociology focuses on how interactions take place, describing action-reaction models that allow for the interpretation of vast sequences and branches of actions an reactions. Sociology also makes use of graphical, mathematical, and language models, but now focusing more on statistical analysis and likelihood that something will happen.

Everything and everyone responds differently and an absolute general consensus rarely occurs. A lot of factors come into play: background, history as in previous experience, the context within which the subjects and objects find themselves, and the general consensus on how far they are allowed to go, before sometimes necessary, sometimes forced intervention takes place.

I’m highly individualistic and rarely conventional, unless conventions make sense and introduce efficiency and safety.

I recognize that we all have our views and feelings and all of them need to be respected, even when sticking to harmless group conventions. In order for society to thrive as a whole, we need to (learn to) respect and value each other’s differences, and understand that we all contribute in our own way. We are all necessary.