I’m no way near the best photographer imaginable, but I manage to produce decent pictures every now and then. Although I do appreciate architecture also, the other people taking pictures of the architecture I’m also taking pictures of, rarely keep their feet aboard the picture frame I would prefer to produce.

Out of necessity, I have to focus on and rely on drama. I’m not a professional, so although they are absolutely right about what they do, I don’t pay too much attention to eyelashes like most professional photographers do. My photos are more like a sketch of conflict that so happened to happen.

I like to focus on the action, but what action and what time?

I don’t have an instagram account. I prefer to work on project-basis, meaning that I have to pick a theme for a while, until I’m finished, abandon it, and move on to the next theme.

I have a Canon EOS 500D (or Ti Rebel as it is called in the US) to take my pictures. Officially it’s a prosumer camera, but when I check “Total Digital Photography’ by Serge Timacheff and David Karlins, according to their specs it performs better than the first professional digital cameras around.

Okay, so maybe they had better lenses? I’m not high on supplies.