A bit about me

Guess who! No? My name is Emile Michel Hobo. If you haven’t heard of me, it’s about time you do. I’m a creative director with a broad interest in anything that moves people. I’m into all arts and sciences: painting, drawing, all kinds of writing, music, with a Dremel, sure, I might try sculpting also, biology, chemistry, abstract math whizz, physics, you name it.

I graduated high school youngest of my class in 1998 at the Sint Janslyceum in ’s-Hertogenbosch, preparatory scientific education. Although I asked, I didn’t get to study all of the arts, only drawing. I obtained my engineering degree (ir.) in Computer Science at the University of Twente. I can’t do much with it, but I finished it.

I do have an outstanding patent application for the “On Device Device Driver,” an idea I had in 1994, when I was fourteen years old. My family said it was stupid: “computers just need to be restarted when you plug in your printer.” I submitted it in 2015. Hewlett Packard seems to have refused to steal it, so instead, some try to bury it by endless delays.

I was born to a high school dropout that left home underage and a father that tried to teach me to break the law from an early age on in The Hague, The Netherlands - July 5th, 1980. I’ve also lived in Rosmalen. For my studies I moved to Enschede.

My descent, when you check the publicly available family trees, isn’t all that clear. My family came forth out of nowhere as a bastard family to the late van Hoboken’s wife, Ms. Vos, but I’m actually, as genetically established, of mixed European descent: 20.7% Scottish, Irish, Welsh; 69.8% Western-European; and 9.5% Eastern-European.

I live for the people. I die for the people. I serve nature, nature doesn’t serve me. My garden is for the animals, however big or small this may be.

Research interests

One of the things that I’m only now discovering is the extent to which our education was under attack during the nineteen twenties, thirties, and forties, which persists also in current day science.

A lot of books on electronics are completely unintelligible. For instance, you don’t need capacitors to power an amplifier. They cost energy, which makes me assume they make the amplifier less efficient. They store energy that might electrocute you. I don’t know what to make of it. It might be one of the oldest and dumbest Nazi-assassination plots still in practice, considering that they now use these amps themselves. I’m still searching for clear and proper science on electronics and a video demo of the difference: with and without RC-filters on the power supply.

The other Nazi-corruption assassination plot would be chemo-therapy, that started with them applying mustard gas, the stuff that during the first world war was used to make you cough up your lungs and intestines, even though Imhotep came up with a cure in 2600 B.C. and with modern means we can just inject T-cells straight into the tumor with a syringe. The fact that this works has been proven if I’m not mistaken in 2018, in The Netherlands and at Harvard, and was consequently covered up by the powers that be.

AZT, used for gay HIV/Aids patients, was also first used for cancer patients, but was considered too deadly. The way doctors saw it, “but it works great for killing queers!” To cure HIV/Aids, take 1.2 grams of N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) daily for fourteen weeks and to boost your immune system further, spend a full day in ocean air (on the beach or in dunes), and drink plenty of lemon balm tea.

By the way, did you know that what they sell as Cocaine and Heroin actually consists of respectively Hydrochloric salt and Acetic Anhydride salt (derived from vinegar) that mixed with your bodily fluids turns into highly potent acids, that almost immediately send your body into shock, meaning you don’t experience anything anymore, including the acids eating away at your nose, brain, and veins?

In general I’m interested in all arts and sciences and focus on finding all unities of opposites where our education was oversimplified and simplifying science when it was overly complicated.

Current situation

I’m currently trying to figure out how to get off a death list without dying. I had to deactivate the remaining social media accounts and made Google My Business point to the police station at Hermandad 2, because of the dramatic incline in people Googling my business by 3600 percent. Assassins, or should I say dumb twat idiots, use social media to figure out where you live and where they can hit you. This should fix that.

Until recently I didn’t know these were services on contract, but I’ve been the victim of what’s labeled “biological attacks” for instance through people with illnesses passing me by and laughing out loud, infecting you. That gave me a major headache. I knew they did it on purpose, but that it’s on contract is new to me.

There’s also a list for continuous harassment by doing things like ringing your doorbell at five in the morning and when you order stuff online, they either make it get lost, damage the packaging or make all of the oil run out of your microscope oil flask. Some people don’t seem to agree with this kind of harassment, so I didn’t have to pay VAT for my StewMac guitar upgrade gear. Pretty awesome.

I would love to see them tackle the button I installed on the door bell to turn it off, because them using their phone outside of my house doesn’t upset me the least. I sleep like a baby.

My country

The Netherlands turn out to be an unruly country with one “recognized” condoning policy. That means that selling drugs that aren’t allowed isn’t prosecuted, though illegal.

Unfortunately, per 2018 the entire country has an 85% condoning policy, meaning that the police and prosecution only register 15% of all charges pressed, mostly focusing on minor violations, rather than actual crime. (The Captain of the National Police lied to me on LinkedIn, that it was 24% in 2017, not 20%, but according to the CBS it was 20% in 2017.)

Practically, they let more than 85% of all murderers, rapists, and child molesters run free. The people that do get arrested typically stand a fifty-fifty chance of being convicted, with the prosecution and the judges noting that a phone call to a person doesn’t indicate there’s a high likelihood of you not being there, but actually saying it’s evidence you were there.

Considering that quite a few of my classmates that didn’t finish high school continued as if they did, it’s not unthinkable that such a thing may happen. They take up positions as prosecutors, lawyers, researchers, nurses, and more.

Legal issues

I’ve been arrested and locked up on the charge of threatening my father and others. My father’s witness testimony actually stated that I didn’t do it, but charges were pressed anyway and I was entered into what’s supposed to be the system.

At first I was thrown in jail for fourteen days. I was in shock for the fourth time in my life at the time, meaning I can remember everything this time around but I still couldn’t think. They also threw me in the psychopath ward with the worst of the worst, claiming it was the psychotic ward.

After fourteen days of preliminary arrest I was transferred to a mental hospital: Mediant in Enschede. Consulting my file, it says I was found to be friendly and adequate to the patients, without psychotic or delusional symptoms before forced medication. I supposedly also have a good sense of humor.

Forensic tests showed I’m social, stable, and have a high willingness to sacrifice myself, with an entrepreneurial mindset. They locked me up for a total of fifteen months anyway (first seven then eight) and forced me to take Abilify for a total four years (two times two). This acts on dopamine and serotonin receptors.

The “psychiatrist” that wrote me up as a paranoid schizophrenic, Henk van den Berg, defended in the newspapers (Tubantia & Algemeen Dagblad) in the article “Mediant geeft psychiater tweede kans,” that he hired a convicted pedophile as a psychiatrist. His book “Zakhandboek psychiatrie” was also burned to the ground by the Dutch “Tijdschrift voor de Psychiatrie.” One thing that stood out to me was that he claimed puberty only starts at seventeen years of age.

Years later, he ended up in an apartment above mine. I only saw him visit and leave maybe twice, he moved out quickly on the run, laughing, in his car, but his appearance was staggeringly truthful: purple pants, purple shirt, purple shoes, hair slick and smooth combed backward. Hey, I’m the last to criticize a greaseball, but a greaseball pimp in charge of a mental hospital employing his hoes that spread their legs one-eighty or pressed their tits together dancing to show you your quick way out? Employing his clients and pushers? I do have set limits in terms of professionals and these limits are the inverse of what I witnessed.

Little did I know, even when found innocent and sane, which my record shows, they verbally implied I was guilty without handing me a written verdict. By the time of the criminal trial, I was already out of the mental hospital again after a stay of seven months, and was still on forced medication. My medical file clearly states I was sane also, but the judges never bothered to check any evidence and disregarded the fact that no symptoms were illustrated to them.

The way it goes in The Netherlands, when they checkmark the box for a diagnosis, they don’t have to illustrate the symptoms. According to the people that infiltrated and corrupted our system during the past hundreds of years, I’m rebelliously clinging to the democratically elected system of law and should be locked up for it…

And they ended up doing it twice!

Rehabilitation & Recovery

If you find yourself locked inside a mental hospital, check under the Sophism links for scientific documents (Grant Lester) on how to prove you don’t have delusions. It also illustrates how they should handle your case in court: you should always be tried in bench. Be sure to request your full medical file and a copy of the DSM-criteria. Also ask for your verdict in writing, which turns out to be necessary as illustrated before.

Are you the victim of any (forced) drug abuse, like for instance anti-psychotics, resulting in brain damage? Consider supplements. Consult your physician for proper dosages if you can. They should do a full blood test. Check your values and compare them to those of your age that are healthy.

I’ve come to believe that before anything else, you should probably try N-acetyl-L-cysteïne. It acts as a really strong anti-oxidant, strong enough also to counter mustard gas (as in counter chemo therapy). It is said to work as detoxification and also in case of hyper glutamate accumulation in the brain, which is the result of brain trauma, which you are sure to have after having been forced to take all kinds of shit. Before anything else, first try this. It looks like it might be the miracle drug we are looking for.

Natural products that work miracles for cleaning your brain because they contain high levels of anti-oxidants are lemon balm tea and pure chocolate. I tried 74% pure cacao dark chocolate and the results were really strong. Regular exercise, walking and riding your bicycle, also support the natural cleansing of your body. You may need to raise your dopamine levels a bit at first to make sure your brain doesn’t think your muscles are tired…

One that counteracts a dopamine-deficiency (measured as high prolactine levels) is L-Tyrosine, meaning that it increases your level of concentration. You can choose either L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP to counteract low serotonin levels, meaning they stimulate creativity. All of these supplements also help restore other bodily functions, from metabolism to sexuality. Your memory probably also suffered a blow, so you might want to look into Huperzine A.

Other supplements that at least don’t hurt: fish oil, ginkgo biloba, and vitamins B12 and D.

The last bit, but it doesn’t hurt starting right away, is relaxation. The way to do this, as I’ve found, is making use of aroma therapy: lavender oil. You need to get an oil dampener lamp, which is a dish for water with a candle burning under it. Fill the dish with water and add three drops of lavender oil and keep your windows closed. Put it close by so you get the maximum effect. This helps you relax, increasing focus, memory recall, and in seven months it might even help you regrow your hair.