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Updated Politics - Party program : Should we outlaw international conflict mediation?

Take the Maffia out of the government!

Subversives put people, peoples, and countries up against each other, but are always the minority. Considering we don’t have to fight over food, if we outlaw international warfare and assume international laws that problems should be handled on a national level, the fact that the majority of all people are good might actually lead to a permanent international ceasefire.

If we focus on fighting crime, sharing information internationally, but letting country’s own peoples handle problems on a national level, outlawing international interference, this might actually lead to warfare being prevented. We should research the feasibility of this point of view, of only allowing countries to defend themselves on their own national soil, to see whether it might prevent future warfare and radicalism on international scales.

I have a soft little voice in my head that the people of Afghanistan have said that if they were allowed to handle their conflicts without international interference that the problem would have been handled a long time ago. Regardless of whether I do or don’t remember this correctly, this little voice may be right.

Published in Updates on 11/07/2019 11:31 am.

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