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Updated Art - Writing : Fixed typos and language mistakes in “Countering Clovis”

Comma, quote, apostrophe, or all of it?

I think the Chicago Manual of Style would now agree with how I wrote it, but who knows? I’m terribly Dutch and most certainly not perfect. I hope it’s even better this way and without weird misinterpretations of the English language. Although no pun will be discovered, if I mean to say I fixed it up to look like I have a far better “command” of the English language than at first seemed to be the case, pun is fully intended. (“Command,” get it? I’m not speaking with “commandment,” which isn’t proper English? No, you don’t get it, because I removed all possible links to that horrid mistake from the text. Bye, bye, pun!)

Published in Updates on 28/05/2019 07:05 pm.

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