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Updated Art - Music : Updated “Harmonica Reference Charts”

Now not just analytically correct, but easier to reference!

I upgraded the color coding of the chromatic harmonica absolute pitch set, added easier reference in terms of hole-numbers to the relative pitch set of all harmonicas, and added over-bends to the diatonic harmonica for reference.

I don’t personally recommend using over-bends, because those that use them tend to say they always play their harmonicas “fresh out of the box”. This means that your reads go flat so quickly, that after every concert you need a fresh new harmonica to play. Imagining doing that to your Meisterklasses!

You do have harmonicas made especially to also over-draw and over-blow, but with regular harps, it just isn’t such a good idea.

Published in Reference on 01/05/2019 01:21 pm.

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