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Updated Politics - Murphy : So many people taking jobs they don’t care to do…

Get a haircut? If you want, but either way, get your own job!

I encounter people on a daily basis that block procedures and refuse to do their job, even lead psychiatrists at mental hospitals that refuse to check my file, “because I’m not a patient there anymore”. That’s probably their way of saying that I can either sign up again, being the healthy guy I am, so they can make their money, or get lost… But either way I get lost.

The only thing they could find was that I’m friendly and adequate in the way I treat all people including patients, social, stable, and willing to sacrifice myself completely. Yet they write me up as insane.

The banality of evil is dumb, is suffocating, and is omni-present. The only way out I see is making sure that only people that want to do the job, that don’t care about positions, get to do the job. It’s as simple as that.

Published in Murphy on 30/04/2019 02:19 pm.

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