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Updated Art - Music : Added “Harmonica Reference Charts”

You can take Latin two ways!

You can either look at declinations horizontally or vertically and the same goes for a lot of other things. The point being that no matter what your personal preference is… Okay, it’s all right if you have a personal preference when it comes to studying Latin.

As naughty as it may be, sorry, I just watched a dramedy-series with a dominatrix and the associated bondage, as a harmonica player, you just have to take it both ways: absolute and relative; if you want to understand it. “Well, do you?” I’m just going to stick with, “Punk!”

The charts include the chromatic harmonica, all twelve keys ten hole diatonic Richter-tuning, with their associated absolute pitch charts, relative pitch charts, and as a bonus, for all twelve keys, the twelve positions you can start on with their name and number, based on the Circle of Fifths.

Published in Reference on 25/04/2019 09:32 pm.

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