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Updated Politics - Party Program : Cancel the Minister’s veto on public network wages!

For a representative democracy this seems terribly autocratic…

According to the media-law in the Netherlands (2008, article 2.3 paragraph 4) as Minister of Education, Culture, and Science one determines all by oneself what the proper maximum wages are at the public networks, that cleverly seem to circumvent all laws for the general public in terms of the right to union or set up a foundation, which means that you are allowed to make lots of money, as long as you do as the Minister tells you to.

Seriously, I’m tired of the constant newspeak thing we have in the Netherlands, much like anyone else. Okay, I have to admit, they came up with a solution: silence Dutch news completely and I don’t know what is true of foreign news.

Anyway, the quality of our public television network sucks and the only people saying that they do a great job are politicians and the people that work for the public networks. They get selected because they present the news neutrally, which is a nice way of saying they don’t have empathy, which also makes their presentation style highly unsympathetic, not to mention that they are silent on or neutralize murder unions, hard drug stores, and other illegal activities that the government stimulates by financing the public networks to revolt against the system.

Are you looking for a fascist government with every single symptom of it being a fascist government, including considering the option of concentration camps? I don’t see it. Nuh-uh! Not here! Not the Netherlands! We’re a country that prides itself that it’s efficient! Ask Hitler, the families of the Jews we exterminated, and the judges that condoned and supported it and were allowed to stay on after WW II.

I was brought up with the idea that my great grandfather as a Mayor provided food to the people during the hunger winter and that he didn’t collaborate with the Nazis (a minority of Dutch, Germans, and all other peoples), but according to my grandmother who married his son, he was a cold man. Also, he was a Mayor of countryside towns where they didn’t have a shortage of food, so did he make sure the cities in the west were supplied with food? I spare no one. I want an investigation. My grandfather was as sweet as can be, but some of my family-members aren’t, so what am I to make of that? 

The main question being: when will the cold prolongation of WW II in the Netherlands finally end and when will we get peace instead of oppression? No more fascism! No more psychopathic and sociopathic judges! We want our system of law and our democracy to be upheld!

Published in Politics on 13/03/2019 11:58 am.

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