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Updated Politics - Murphy : Say what? “Post bail?“

I just realized something : you can’t post bail in The Netherlands, yet people get bailed out of jail?

It’s fairly well known that fraternities (and sororities) are highly important in the way The Netherlands works. Somewhat interestingly, when you witness how these ‘unions’ work, they really are like anarchists, just with different uniforms, even producing glasses of what they call, “Horse’s Cunt” (a mixture of white wine and 7-Up) since they feel the whole culturally sophisticated affair is bullshit.

Ironically, looking around in the anarchist world, when people need to get out of jail in The Netherlands, sometimes anarchists put together a fund, which is pretty much what you would expect what any ‘respectable’ criminal organization would do, much like fraternities, sororities, politicians backing Ted Bundy, and so forth…

But when they do so, what does this really mean in a country like The Netherlands, considering that it does work, and people are released from jail, even though you can’t post bail here? When you’re in, according to Dutch law, you’re in, and only when the law states you’re out of jail, according to our laws you are out of jail.

Practice may not be perfect altogether around here, but when you think about it and look at what’s going on around here, with more than 80% of all crime not being registered, we face fucking mayhem. I know I have and I will…

Published in Updates on 19/09/2019 10:05 am.

Updated Art - Music : Added article “Scales, Chords, and Patterns on the Guitar”

It’s all relative, you just need to learn to see…

Your guitar may be tuned one way, but tuning it in your mind may mean you have to remember a tuning that’s different altogether. In my essay I focus on describing the guitar in all-fourths tuning and when you memorize and learn to see the guitar that way, you’ll find that a lot of the patterns found in standard tuning are easily related to and derived from this tuning.

The main advantage? Remember less, know more. It just makes playing and understanding the guitar easier. Get ready for some real deal mental parkour, without ever having to pay a dime or subscribe to bullshit mailing lists. Have fun!

Published in Updates on 08/09/2019 03:08 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Crime rates are fixed & Code-language is just another language

The only thing that keeps crime rates down is ignorance…

When a country does good, the jails are full, so don’t follow our European example, fill them up further. We should too.

Published in Updates on 07/09/2019 03:17 pm.

Updated Art - Music : Added article “Finding Scales on the Fly on the Chromatic Harmonica”

Understanding relative pitch is one thing, but being able to use it another…

In a previous article I did make a crucial step toward analyzing the relative pitch set on the chromatic harmonica, but I din’t fully realize what to do with it yet. That means that I had to sit down and think it over some more. This is the result.

Published in Updates on 03/09/2019 01:53 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Let the cobbler stick to his last

If you’re not an artist, don’t lecture those that are

Not everybody can be an artist, that’s clear. The main problem I face on a daily basis is people turning everything, including this, around on you. They hear a thing or two about the mouth harp, like first position is really easy, here’s where they go wrong, because the diatonic mouth harp provides all of the Blues chords.

They aren’t Blues chords, they are major chords, and playing Blues is not about playing the major scale, but the Blues scale, which in first position is only available in full on the highest octave of your mouth harp, which makes it really difficult to play on most higher tuned harps. Most grooves, when playing in Major, ironically officially introduce a flat-seventh, meaning you’re not playing in Major at all but in Mixolydian, but not Mixolydian-mode because we disregard the dominant and use any other tone other than the tonic a.k.a. finalis instead of just the dominant to play an open-ended phrase. Rockin’-and-a-Rollin’ isn’t how we say hail Mary in church.

Most harp players play in second position, because it’s a middle register that you would find in the middle of your piano, which is a comfortable range to listen to when people solo. The easiest position is probably the third, because it allows you to play the pentatonic blues/rock scale all the way up and down, while adding another half step here and there so you can also play the full sextonic Blues-scale.

It’s just really difficult with people that don’t study the arts for a living, that tell you that it’s really difficult to make a living off of it, telling people you can’t do it, you’re not really it, because they do feel they know because they’ve heard a thing or two, but they don’t. I’m not going to tell a heart surgeon whether they know all of their trade, because I’m not equipped to. The only thing I would be able to check is high-school biology and the most basic of incisions taught in high-school with the edge, not the point, of the blade, but nothing complex.

I didn’t study it. It isn’t my trade. As you can see, still I want to lecture people, but I clearly shouldn’t go further than to criticize TV-shows without criticizing actual surgeons. If I haven’t looked it up, I don’t know. If I have, then you’re in for a treat.

People that refuse to study have also infiltrated the art schools in The Netherlands, asking what art is. They become teachers and note that they can’t even do what they need to examine, what they need to check whether the students can do it. Well, that what you need to examine is what art is : it’s a trade, and you say you can’t do it, yet graduate as a teacher with honors, and you say we just need to do our weed and our hashish?

Fuck you! What, I’m not a member of the fucking incrowd? I’m an individual with individual thoughts and feelings, I don’t need an incrowd, I’m the incrowd all by myself!

In terms of the arts, if you wouldn’t rather die than not do it, and I’m not going to fucking die, you fucking mother fuckers, I’m just fucking doing it even after thirty-nine years of oppression and facing death on a daily basis, if you don’t know what art is and can’t define it, just shut the fuck up!

Yes, you are some of the nicest people I know, but even they sometimes just need to shut the fuck up, because by not thinking yet thinking that they know, the nicest people I know sometimes prohibit me from practicing my trade. It’s my trade, so lay off of it and practice your own!

Published in Updates on 01/09/2019 06:47 am.

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