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Updated Politics - Murphy : They weren’t lying! They don’t exist!

What do you get with impulsive people and limited financing?

No agencies! The CIA, the FSB, it’s all bullshit! Basic psychology : they hire manipulative psychopaths that are terribly impulsive, they don’t get much financing, and no one can check their organization. With impulsive people, they’ll want not the most for their money, just the most money, so instead of setting up an actual organization, instead they keep the moneys while keeping up pretenses as well. It’s all bullshit and the joke’s on us : they actually don’t exist! There’s no bigger lie than the unaccepted truth. In this case, it’s that they simply don’t exist!

Published in Updates on 04/11/2019 11:34 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : To what degree are you conscious?

When you think about it, there’s actually a really basic measure…

In the end, consciousness is about understanding what life is about. It grants you feeling and based on how much you feel, this translates to a pretty straightforward measure that is easily observed and interpreted : a sliding scale that some creatures based on whether they are hungry or not even slide further away on or closer to consciousness.

Will people lie, when you ask them? Sure… No research is resolved by just one question, but one question is sufficient reason for properly corroborated scientific discourse. Ask yourself, what is life about? And compare it to the sliding scale. To see where other people are at, just check how they do or don’t take you seriously. Do they manipulate the facts, ignore them? And how does this relate to the scale?

Published in Updates on 28/10/2019 09:44 am.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Just arrest all criminals

Focusing on statistical likelihood based on ethnicity and applying it in single cases?

Statistical likelihood of the general population applied to single cases is scientifically wrong to begin with and is going to thwart proper statistics. We were all created equal and more sunshine like in Africa bares no relation to psychopathy, so it isn’t going to enforce psychopathy. The only thing that takes the number of psychopaths down in society is the death penalty administered by law, judge, jury, and executioner.

Published in Updates on 24/10/2019 10:34 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : You just don’t want people that don’t get it to explain what you just said…

The Bible can be read a bit differently…

And quite a bit of what the Bible talks about seems to be what “good” is, going all the way down to “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”-Maffia rule and what it means to experience. When you think about it, what was being said might be interpreted a bit differently, more in accordance with current day scientific standards. Unfortunately, the Bible quite frequently, although it started out with the best of intentions, seems to be written by the blind that mean to explain to the not-blind what it means to see. (And good luck with that.)

Published in Updates on 18/10/2019 01:00 pm.

Updated Politics - Party Program : Eliminate all autocratic laws

Laws allowing a single person to decide what’s law and what isn’t should be scratched!

We have a couple of laws, like the Media-law that states that one of our Ministers by either him- or herself is allowed to set the maximum wage for media-personnel, that even then no one sticks to and is easily surpassed.

Then there’s the law that “Our Minister” decides that people don’t have to adhere to the Cannabis-prohibition in terms of growing Cannabis, meaning that if any Minister decides that someone is allowed to grow Cannabis, even though we have laws that state that it isn’t allowed, this person is allowed to grow Cannabis. This Minister owes no explanation to anyone according to this very same law. That’s a problem.

All autocratic laws are problems. Parliament decides as a whole and these decisions should be fixed within our laws, without every new election allowing parliament to do the exact opposite without further consideration by our full governing body: (People,) Second Chamber, First Chamber, King.

Our main problem in The Netherlands is that every law is the law, yet it isn’t. There is no law and people act as they see fit, even though the majority may very well disagree. This needs to end.

Published in Updates on 07/10/2019 08:39 pm.

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