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Updated Art - Music : Added article “Knowing Your Mouth Harp Exercises”

The best starter guide you can get!

I provided additional exercises that actually supplement David Barrett’s wonderful work to help you memorize the harmonica pitch set without having to think about it while playing. It won’t teach you the Blues or anything like that, it’s really only focused on knowing your instrument. If you want to learn to make music, using what this teaches, get David’s DVD’s first (to my opinion) and get your hands on some of his books. Or go to his website bluesharmonica.com and sign up : you might even learn to become a teacher. But to memorize your mouth harp in such a way that you don’t have to think about it anymore and use the proper embouchure that David teaches as well as get a minor hint on bending, this is it!

Published in Updates on 13/05/2019 12:26 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : On People Pressing Charges

People are strange!

People in the Netherlands are strange! They want to report shit to the police that’s against the law and that shit is just plain crazy, so the police refuse to register it.

And I also corrected a typo in the Harmonica Reference Charts.

Published in Updates on 07/05/2019 08:37 pm.

Updated Art - Music : Updated “Harmonica Reference Charts”

Now not just analytically correct, but easier to reference!

I upgraded the color coding of the chromatic harmonica absolute pitch set, added easier reference in terms of hole-numbers to the relative pitch set of all harmonicas, and added over-bends to the diatonic harmonica for reference.

I don’t personally recommend using over-bends, because those that use them tend to say they always play their harmonicas “fresh out of the box”. This means that your reads go flat so quickly, that after every concert you need a fresh new harmonica to play. Imagining doing that to your Meisterklasses!

You do have harmonicas made especially to also over-draw and over-blow, but with regular harps, it just isn’t such a good idea.

Published in Updates on 01/05/2019 01:21 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : So many people taking jobs they don’t care to do…

Get a haircut? If you want, but either way, get your own job!

I encounter people on a daily basis that block procedures and refuse to do their job, even lead psychiatrists at mental hospitals that refuse to check my file, “because I’m not a patient there anymore”. That’s probably their way of saying that I can either sign up again, being the healthy guy I am, so they can make their money, or get lost… But either way I get lost.

The only thing they could find was that I’m friendly and adequate in the way I treat all people including patients, social, stable, and willing to sacrifice myself completely. Yet they write me up as insane.

The banality of evil is dumb, is suffocating, and is omni-present. The only way out I see is making sure that only people that want to do the job, that don’t care about positions, get to do the job. It’s as simple as that.

Published in Updates on 30/04/2019 02:19 pm.

Updated Art - Music : Added “Scales and Chords … in all keys”

Blues or gypsy? Your pick!

A lot of musicians only learn to play in one musical style with one particular scale pattern. Maybe they’ll add a Minor scale instead of a Major scale to change the tone of the song a little bit.

When you write a book or a screenplay, you write different characters every time. A musical piece with a particular set of scales and chords represents one such character which may go through a whole range of emotions: fear, anger, love, hate. The character may be laid back, forward, aggressive, resigned, and so forth. This can all be handled within that same set of scales.

What causes these emotions changes by changing different scales. For daily struggles kind of music? I’d typically pick Blues, but if you want to add some mystery, you should really try some of the gypsy-scales as well.

And while you’re at it, why not vary the rhythm? Don’t limit yourself. Express yourself instead.

Published in Updates on 26/04/2019 10:41 pm.

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