Murphy had many laws to his name, but his most famous will always be: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” As a guiding principle in terms of government rule, this implies: “Never construct anything or do anything that can lead to irreparable damage to the environment in general, including humans.”

Keeping that in mind, I have a couple of questions I need to ask. I don’t mind handing you the answers. Maybe I should add, that I also stick to the rule: “It’s thus stupid that it has to be true,” which you might also write up as, “The most straightforward answer is typically correct.”

Q: What’s a suicide union that provides poison to anyone, even without a permit, that doesn’t die out? A: A homicide union.

Q: What percentage of murderers, rapists, and child molesters run free, when you only allow 20% of all charges to be pressed for 10 years, focusing on traffic violations? A: Between 800% and 1000% of what you would normally catch in one year when you register and investigate all charges.

Q: How long does a molten down nuclear power plant work? A: Within your lifetime, until everything that gets near it is dead.

Q: What happens when party-leaders enforce their right to veto? A: A majority of votes are based on a minority principle.

Q: What’s wrong with the Netherlands when you on Twitter get angry at the government and curse at them ánd drug dealers start to defend them there based on the fact that you use foul language? A: Everything.

Q: What happens when you introduce a norm called the Balkenende-norm, that introduces a maximum wage for social managers that’s way higher than what they were making? A: They all demand to make more money, introducing expenses beyond the reach of the social system!

Q: What pieces are still standing at the end of a game of chess, when two perfect players face each other? A: Two kings, the people are dead.

Q: Is it better to steal one bike or 500 in the Netherlands? A: You get to do your time in parallel, so based on risk-reward management, you should steal 500 (and preferably even more).

Q: What does it mean that crime rates go down when Muslims migrate to your country? A: Either Muslims subdue crime or the police only capture Muslims and disregard the rest. (The correct answer is that every group of people has the same percentage of crooks, criminals, and disordered.)

Q: What would have happened if the Netherlands during WWII had used the efficiency it was so well-known for in terms of bureaucracy, to defend the country in the same way that they registered all religions, which greatly helped to exterminate Jews? A: They could have defeated the minority-rule and freed Germany from its oppressor.

Q: What’s a quant? A: A quant is a person that gets that when you have one or more server systems with many virtual clients that you set up working together, making it difficult to detect, buying worthless shares slightly under their actual already worthless values from each other, you can drive up the price that way until the shares gain enough value to re-enter the market, so people buy them, allowing that quant to collect the sum total of all differences between the lower selling value and the shares’ than current market value, after which the shares’ value drop back to near-zero, causing major deflation of money-value. (Complex algorythms no-one else can fathom don’t exist, the solution to any seemingly complex problem in the end is always simple.)

Q: What happens when the population growth is 3% since 2009 and the registered crime rate since then has gone down more than 25% for all types of crime? A: Among other fellons, they let more than 1000 would-be convicted murderers run on a yearly basis that would normally be convicted and considering that the registered crime rates have been dropping longer than that, the number of would-be convicted murderers on the run actually greatly exceeds even that number! (And then I haven’t even looked at rapists, child molesters, and so forth.)

Q: Does engaging in a specific act, like smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, represent freedom? A: That may be the sales pitch, but if you have to do it to be free, then you’re not free at all.

Q: If these suicide powders the suicide union provides don’t hurt, why don’t they use them for executions in any kind of injected solution in the United States, instead of the three stage injections? A: Because in reality they burn through your intestines and hurt like hell.

Q: What does it mean that relatively speaking to the absolute number of 2001 (1,481,500 on a population of 15.987MM) the police only recorded 56% of that number in 2017 (830,780 on a population of 17.082MM) in terms of Dutch crime rates? A: I don’t know… I would expect the crime rate to be more like 1,481,500 x 17,082,000 / 15,987,000 = 1,583,000 registered crimes, totalling 190.5% of what we currently register, meaning that we don’t let 48% of all criminals get away. And that’s disregarding the fact that a lot of registered crimes aren’t solved either.

Q: What does it mean that in the Netherlands in 2017 they register 48% less of the number of charges per person relatively speaking to 2001 even though the police acknowledged to only register 20% of all charges? A: In reality the number of murders, rapes, etc. is 500% of what we register now, not 190.5%, meaning that in 2001 they only registered 38.1% of all charges: our social system consists of crooks with a condoning policy for all and they managed to cover it up, but now they are getting careless and put it on the front page of the newspaper for all to see.

Q: What happens when your government decides diploma’s are private instead of public mandatory evidence of your skills? A: You don’t know whether your heart surgeon is going to cut into your heart or kidney.

Q: What happens when you only teach people about guilt? A: They don’t recognize innocence (necessity & duress).

Q: What happens when you apply the Hollywood-twist to Murphy’s law? A: Anything that can go right will eventually go right, so on a political level one day we will have world peace with crime and criminal organizations being the only problem.

Q: What do you get when healthcare coverage doesn’t cover for general psychological help for those without disorders? A: When you worry thus much about your family possibly being murdered back in the wartorn country you, being stateless, passed through, that you can’t learn Dutch properly, because you’re constantly distracted and have a constant headache caused by stress, you end up with huge studying debts without the result you need and you become afraid you won’t pass the integration-test, even though circumstances dictate they should’ve given you a passport straight away.

Q: What happens when you’re always objective? A: “The thing things.” (Heidegger), but when it is the intention of the thing to thing (subjective), but it can’t, it will be discarded. (Example: A broken television won’t be fixed and a box turned into a television by a child is just a box.) To hope means to be subjective.

Q: What do you have when your government finances a union where people aren’t allowed to make more than €1,500.00 per year as a volunteer wage, paying them liberal wages to promote drugs, booze, and hookers, as well as revolting against the system to the people? A: A fascist government.

Q: What happens when you dismiss actual evidence that was obtained illegally? A: You let two crooks go. (Convict whoever illegally obtained it, but don’t dismiss it: people have a right to a fair trial, but they don’t have a right to get away with it, the right to safety is paramount.)

Q: What happens when the state finances musea or art in general beyond the value of a proper education? A: Overvalued art drains taxes that should for a large part go to safety, healthcare, other education, a basic infrastructure, and a little bit of foreign policy. Don’t destroy art, support it and respect it as a job, but don’t treat it differently. To inspire and entertain is also a regular job.

Q: What happens when a television presenter makes €500.000,00 per year, with his crew also making money on top of that, and only 100.000 to 200.000 people watch the show? A: These people’s entire subscription-fee goes to this one television show and no other television shows make any royalties?

Q: What happens when you have 128 murders per year? A: With newspapers printing 6 days per week, you should on average have at least one new murder per 2.4 issues. In reality, in the Netherlands, we hardly get any, and “Shut up and eat my pussy!” (a terrible song) is frontpage news with raving review.

Q: What happens when you don’t register crime? A: Murder rates go down. In 2001 we had 265 murders, which represents 37% of what you get when you register no crime at all. In 2017 (based on population growth) the total number of murders should be about 765, which equals 2.4 new murders per newspaper issue. If 265 were correct, in 2017 you would have 283 equals 0.9 new murders per issue.

Q: What happens when you do your job for a living? A: You don’t care about your job, leave out essential actions necessary to complete it and keep people safe, allowing people to suffer and die. I breathe, eat, drink, shit, piss, exercise, sweat, maintain my hygiene, sleep, and get dressed appropriately to the circumstances for a living. When attacked, I fight. My job I do to inspire and entertain. For my bread? I go to the supermarket. Get your own job, that inspires you and that you mean to do, if you don’t care to do it, leave it up to those that do.

Q: Why do all of these people turn to the police saying that all of these crazy things happened? A: If it were normal, we wouldn’t have to go to the police.

Q: Do you have life experience? A: No, I think ahead, I don’t make that kind of mistake unless lied to by the government, but then it wasn’t my mistake to begin with – I have wisdom.

Q: Does older mean wiser? A: If you want to listen to older people in an institution for the mentally retarded, I say you are wrong. Those quicker to get their degree, especially when offered the education they ask for, are the wiser. Those relentless in defending the democratic rule of law are the wiser. Those that are older should reserve such statements for their doctor.

Q: In war, what incentive do commanders have that don’t ride up front with their troops to come up with a successful offensive? A: None. I ride up front with my troops.

Q: Is it difficult to obtain illegal firearms, drugs, or other merc? A: As long as a large quantity of people do, since it’s plain stupid to break the law, I have to say, “No. It isn’t.” Therefore, it’s also easy to take them down.

Q: What happens when a technician lectures a creative director on the arts? A: Most often they are wrong. People need to learn to respect each other’s trades. You heard something, but you didn’t bother to study it. You do your job, I’ll do mine, because you don’t know. Artist isn’t something you have to get lucky with to get to do, it’s a trade, for instance because with drawings it’s easier to separate tissues and illustrate anatomy than with a knife and camera. That’s art : proficiency and a trade. Don’t fucking lecture me!

Q: What happens when you assume crime rates go down when you arrest people? A: You disregard that people in jail often continue to commit crimes and that the 100% of all crime is a fixed percentage of the general population. You can only make sure that they do it in a controlled environment, so when they try to, they get caught sooner. The ones that do learn, learn.

Q: What happens when you don’t arrest drug dealers because they say “snow” or “white” instead of “cocaine”? A: You disregard that cocaine by any other name is still cocaine. The second world war wasn’t demilitarized because we disregarded that we had broken the code either, the code led to the demilitarization. Now we just need to end it.

Q: What does it mean that your fraternity or anarchistic network can put up a fund to get you out of prison, in countries where you can’t post bail? A: It means they bribe the police, prosecution, and judges.

Q: What happens when you interact with the mentally hampered? A: They take the shit you saved up for and wreck it even though you’re not rich and don’t have to be to live a good life. They steal your fountain pen. They push over bicycles with yours at the end of it, so it suffers the blow. They unscrew the socket of your guitar that’s constructed so it doesn’t come loose of itself. They stick knives through your gloves. They nick the cap of your flatcap hat so there’s a hole in it. Lesson learned : keep your shit away from these materialistic mother fuckers. They judge the innocent.

Q: What’s a secret organization and what are secret acts? A: A secret organization is an organization people deny exists, but everyone knows about since otherwise you can’t join, and secret acts are acts carried out by people denying it ever happened, but everyone knows about, because if it influences the world, you can’t keep it a secret. Quote-unquote: everybody knows. (I’m not paranoid, I’m laughing my ass off.)

Q: What happens when people that just don’t get it or don’t care write up what you say? A: In the time of Eli, not too many people had qualitative experience yet to the extent that they became noble. You did have inheritance laws that granted you a right to noble titles, even though you didn’t have to be a noble human being to get these titles, and people reigned based on their impulses, with the sons following through on the sins of their fathers, being the “good people” they were. Any type of inheritance had to be halted. Now read what it says about Eli and Samuel in the Bible. What was written reads a bit differently. Practically, evolutionary speaking, qualitative experience now has the upper hand with room for rehabilitation, and no more Mafia “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” interpretation of good and evil. We are winning.

Q: What happens when you focus on specific ethnicities in tackling crime? A: Most of the jail population will consist of those ethnicities, enforcing the focus, getting other ethnicities off the hook more.

Q: What’s the influence of you mostly only locking specific ethnicities in jail, like for instance African-Americans or Moroccans, on the statistical likelihood of having psychopaths of those ethnicities or your ethnicity, for instance Europeans, in jail per head of that ethnicity’s population? A: It’s going to push the statistics in favor of finding psychopaths of those ethnicities and lower the percentage of psychopaths of your ethnicity in jail. (Therefore research into psychopathy and ethnicity not only is biased, but enforces the bias and completely disregards European history in relation to the oppression and carnage caused by us in the rest of the world.)

Q: Is life all about the game? A: To those with proper experience, life is about love, health, and employment. To those with limited experience, life is about the game. To those with no experience, life is about grabbing what you can grab. You can measure consciousness and its evolution based on this scale. Example: Fully developed human, basic human, satisfied lion, hungry lion, fish, parasite.

Q: What happens when you cut financing for secret service agencies? A: They tend to consist of manipulative people, which severely increases the likelihood of them being impulsive, which means that with lacking finances, they’ll keep up the facade of an agency with many employees, while keeping all of the money for themselves, but in reality that means there are no agencies, just the Corpulent Inane Awful, the Fat Stupid Bastards, and the Awfully Inadequate Volatile Delinquents.

Q: What happens when people that don’t get that when they stand behind a kitchen towel and can’t see you, that you can see them, are in charge? A: Unless the problem is right in front of them, they are unable to realize that there even might be a problem.

Q: What does it mean in The Netherlands that your mom, even though you weren’t sick or dying, asked you what kind of a funeral you would like at a young age? A: According to the judge she loves me and all of us, including my scared-to-death sister. I suspect she wants me dead.

Q: What happens when forensic psychiatric facility’s personnel and judges conclude that those they treat and judge might be them? A: They take into account in their verdict that in the future it might be them and they don’t want to do too much time, also blatantly stressing they aren’t citizens. Well, they’re right, when you’re not a citizen, you’re in jail.

Q: Why do police officers need to catch crooks “in the act?” A: Because they don’t see it when it doesn’t literally happen right in front of them : if you’re not narcissistic or anti-social a.k.a. a good guy, they work you out of the police force.

Q: What does it mean that your public network union doesn’t satisfy the criteria for a public network union (omroepsvereniging)? A: It means you’re really only a regular union and you’re not allowed to make more than a volunteer-wage.

Q: What happens when you assume that someone wrote something up in such a way that it was thus complicated that only he could understand it and we couldn’t due to his presumed arrogance? A: You disregard that what Newton said on relativity was 100% correct, meaning that we disregard that derivatives hadn’t been established the way we know them now, and he described them as geometric equations in two dimensions, that he and only he truly understood in three, deriving the limits in his head. You disregard that what he really wrote up and had in his head was the General Theory of Relativity that we didn’t get and that I still can’t discern in his equations because I don’t understand them. But I didn’t understand them, not him, he did. I bow to that motherfucker. He won. I lost. You lost. Einstein achieved the same level of understanding and I would have also stuck out my tongue if I were him. Thank God that’s over.

Q: What happens when your country hires police officers that haven’t received formal education prior to becoming a police officer? A: You get police officers that refuse to study and think and as such qualify as impulsive, leading to all of these particular police officers being on the take.

Q: What happens when bigots in law enforcement aren’t allowed to discriminate against particular groups of people, like for instance Asians or gays? A: If they aren’t allowed to discriminate against particular groups of people, they still discriminate by saying that if nothing’s wrong with a group of people as a group, then nothing’s wrong with that group of people as a whole, i.e. within that group of people. They can’t press charges. (For instance Asians in the USA after 1965 and gays in Canada.)

Q: What’s the difference between conformism and domestication? A: There is none. Conformists are dogs of a pack. People are individuals and free.

Q: What allows fascism to thrive? A: Sufficient support by a sufficiently large domesticated minority that choose their leaders based on non-existent performance measures like for instance age or charm, dumbing down education and science, counteracting performance opportunities by corrupting agreed upon laws and rules through initially hidden minority agreements. (To counter fascism people need to learn to be critical and think for themselves by learning to see and understand and counter manipulative behavior.)

Q: What does it mean that the half of your classmates that didn’t finish high-school with a degree put on their resumes that they did anyway and become lawyers, prosecutors, nurses, and more, while most that you’ve spoken to that work in those positions refuse to acknowledge their duties, the law, and your rights, also thwarting medicare? A: The fact that this can be means that those in charge form an inbred domesticated minority combined with the mentally ill that want to be in charge because they want to be in control of reality or simply in control, and expect us to accept reality as it is while we wither and die, which is a proposition I can’t accept.

Q: How do the Mafia get away with it? A: They tip the police someone else did it. (And get paid for it too.)

Q: Why do doctors in The Netherlands have such sloppy handwriting that bad handwriting is called doctor’s handwriting (doktershandschrift) in Dutch? A: They never finished any kind of education. You would expect someone capable of working with a scalpel also to be capable with a pen.

Q: What happens when you don’t have to finish high school to get into university? A: Hey! They don’t cover it up anymore? Since about 2005 you can do this legally in The Netherlands through a colloquium doctum, only having to score C-minuses on four classes? And then you just make pretend you did finish your university education? Wow! Way to go guys! Bachelor-Master for the loss!

Q: What do secret service analysts do all day? A: They stare at lists of random numbers fabricated by computers that they’ve been told are signals related to an operation, picked up from a reliable source, and make up conspiracy theories off-the-cuff to make pretend they understand these random numbers they believe aren’t random.

Q: What happens when you kill all foreign fascists attacking your country? A: You leave their national support-base intact. If you as a resistance eliminate the support base, you eliminate the network oppressors set up. When possible always deal with your own first.

Q: What was the frontier? A: I’m sorry to have to say it was neutral language for the frontline of a war against indigenous Americans to sucker decent people into going there to facilitate the oppression of Indian Americans, what I assume a majority of the newly arrived in the Americas really didn’t mean to do.

Q: What does it mean that your country has a drug problem? A: It means that the government supports and furthers it by condoning it to further subdue and domesticate the people.

Q: What happens when you introduce economic measures against fascist regimes as a whole? A: You deprive the very same liberals that might oppose such a regime of their income. By stimulating the liberal market and if possible healthcare and education, you support liberals and deprive fascists of their powerbase.

Q: What do people breeding people for particular traits look for in those people? A: Only one thing: promising them that they are the elite, they inbreed them so they become people that are easily manipulated into responding according to the breeder’s whims. Diversification leads to specialization. When people don’t inbreed we get many kings and queens per country safeguarding its democratic rule of law by listening to the rest of the people and defending them and dying for them if they have to.