As a response to the Romans and their bacchanals, the people democratically elected Kings and nobles. They made a mistake assuming that children are like parents and vice-versa or allowing the wrong people to force this system onto them.

The proper guiding principle to elect people capable of running social affairs however, wasn’t wrong: you must be of healthy mind and body. Nowadays, the government doesn’t join in on the physical fight anymore. There’s no reason not to provide support to those with a handicap, so those of healthy mind with physical handicaps that don’t influence reason and the use thereof can govern social affairs.

Nowadays we have the knowledge and means to enforce the system of those democratically elected being of healthy mind, meaning that they also respect the democracy and listen, meaning that in terms of rule, they enforce the majority rule, respecting individual freedoms.

To make this happen, here’s an actionplan democracy. First construct and build the following:

  • A book of law: criminal, healthcare, and procedures.
  • A non-statistical diagnostic manual for mental disorders that distinguishes from physical disorders and substance abuse.
  • Roads, educational facilities, a parliament building, police stations, courts, prisons, and hospitals.

Second, rule out anyone with a mental disorder or criminal background from taking up a social position in the following order:

  1. Healthcare professionals
  2. Police and army
  3. Justice system
  4. Government
  5. Educational facilities
  6. Infrastructural facilities
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