What do you want me to say? Movie camera’s nowadays may sometimes be called prosumer, but even then, they do better than the camera’s they used to use during the Hollywood golden age.

That means two things. One, I’m sure as hell not going to complain. Two, people that feel my Panasonic HC-X1000E doesn’t perform, judging by their reviews and the imagery they provide, don’t know how to handle a camera. I do, and I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like technicalities and buttons.

I currently focus on One-Man-Sketches. I make comedies and inspirational short films. The camera is the only other actor.

The comedies focus on situational comedy rather than punch-lines, so when you feel I don’t get what I’m doing and that that’s why it’s funny, you’d better damn well believe that’s exactly how I engineered it.

The inspirational shorts that I make focus on things like manipulation prevention. I’m thinking about doing a skit on fages research, but I need to save up for a good microscope. I have some other ideas lined up as well.

Unless you have to pay for it, you can find my work on my YouTube-channel and my YouTube-channel only.


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